Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Literacy with an Attitude: Extended Comments

I am using Doug's blog for my extended comments post. Doug brought up a many great points in his blog talking about the public school system and how many aspects are unfair advantages to students. Although I didn't agree with everything he talked about, he still did a great job conveying his thoughts through the article and his own words.

"I personally believe it's despicable. The fact that students are limited to what education they receive based upon where they are from and where they live.  Reading about the inequality students have is a cause for action in my opinion."

I moved out of Providence in the 5th grade because my parents were not satisfied with the education I was receiving in Catholic School. When they were looking for a new house to buy, their decision of the town was solely based on the public school system I would be receiving my education in.  Whether you are living on the East Side of Providence in a wealthy neighborhood or on the South Side of Providence in a poverty stricken environment, public schools SHOULD and NEED to be equal for every child. Some students are at more of an advantage than others due to the demographic segregation in school systems.
The easiest way to explain this concept:

$ = good education, privileged, advantaged

less $ = mediocre education, non-privileged, disadvantaged

 "In order to be successful in society today, you almost have to go to college."
I agreed with everything in Doug's blog except for this one point. College is definitely not for everyone. We spoke briefly in class talking about if everyone went to college, who would be the one to flip burgers at fast food restaurants? As bad as that sounds, if every person in our country was educated at a college level, we wouldn't have the diversity we have as a country now. Of course it is important to be educated, but to say no one can be successful without a college degree is inaccurate. Whatever career path people choose in life, if there is no passion and drive for perfection behind what you do, there probably is not any happiness either. If students keep choosing their profession based on the economy and the salary they will receive, I can guarantee it will become detrimental to education and jobs in our country.

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