Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Shannon Leigh Turner and I am a Music Education major here at Rhode Island College. Over the summer I took a few classes at RIC to get a head start on my college career. I also took a trip to Florida with my family and spent countless days on the beach with friends. When I'm not in class, you can find me around campus with my two best friends Jill and Maureen or in a practice room in the Nazarian Center working on my Clarinet and Piano repertoire. You could also find me working in the RIC Box Office, Providence Place Old Navy or Luca Music in North Providence. It's safe to say I work 35+ hours a week, but after a long day I get to go home to my apartment in downtown Providence with my awesome roommate Brittany.
I'm taking this class as a part of my curriculum to be a Music Educator. The title of the class definitely appealed to me. I came from a high school in a white suburban neighborhood and diversity was definitely not a factor in our school. My dad is a School Nurse/RN/Health Teacher in South Providence which is completely different from the experience I have had with schooling. By being placed in an inner city school, I will be able to have the experience and practice with various groups of students and will be more prepared for anything that comes my way as an educator.

Here's to a great semester!


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